Thursday, July 31, 2014


by Antonio C. Antonio
July 21, 2014

Over-extraction and utilization of natural resources are considered to be the main causes of environmental degradation.  Although environmental abuse can be measured by the tonnage of minerals extracted or the number of trees felled, there are causes of environmental degradation that also cannot be measured and quantified.  They are intangible (meaning: incapable of being perceived by touch, not definite or clear to the mind) such as:

1.     Greed – Described as the inordinate desire to possess wealth and material possessions of abstract value with the intention to sustain oneself far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort.  There are also those who have a high degree of desire for status and power which leads them to be greedy.  The Philippine political system does a lot in contributing to and encouraging people to embrace greed as a way of life.

2.     Apathy – Defined as the lack or absence of feeling, emotion, interest or concern from people.  An apathetic person has an absence of interest in or concern about the emotional, social, spiritual, philosophical and physical life of the people around him... and also the physical elements (the world in general and the environment in particular).  Most people prefer not to get involved and stay away from contemptuous issues such as the environment simply because it is more convenient.

3.     Lack of Knowledge and Awareness – Ignorance and naiveté are two of the most destructive characters of man and, because of this, it becomes hard for him to understand negative environmental implications.  It is openly said that sometimes people don’t realize the wrongs they do and cause simply because they do not know or (at the very least) aware that they are doing wrong.

The first thing that people in the business of abusing the environment and natural resources would not want to see happen is an increase in the level of awareness and knowledge on environmental issues and concerns.  An informed populace and citizenry will only further expose their nefarious practices.  They would rather that people remain ignorant and unaware of environmental issues and concerns.  Don’t you think they are anti-intellectual?

Just my little thoughts…

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