Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Culture and Society

by Antonio C. Antonio
November 24, 2013

Culture and society are very broad and diverse concepts.  Different cultures are unique, have their own sets of peculiarities and have their own identifying characteristics.  There is one matter that is in the back of my mind though… If the process of assimilation and acculturation can merge two distinct cultures (through marriages, integration, etc.) and spawn or mutate into another culture, then cultures can multiply (perhaps, exponentially) in the course of time.  If my wild assumption is right, the future will bring about a confusing situation with communities having numerous cultures and sub-cultures and sub-sub-cultures, etc.  I really don’t know if this is possible.  But what I do know is that these pockets of acculturated sub-cultures could dilute dominant cultures and therefore change their identifying characteristics.  This may also result in the fragmentation of communities that shared a common culture in the past.  I also wonder what sort of catalyst or change will be necessary to re-integrate or revert all these fragmented sub-cultures back into one dominant mainstream culture again.

Just my little thoughts…

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