Friday, January 1, 2016

A New Year Rain

By Anton Antonio
January 1, 2016

Climate change is really upon us.  I simply cannot remember welcoming the new year under the roof, so to speak.  New year celebrations are traditionally outdoor events… to be enjoyed for all the awesome fireworks display in our neighbourhood.  Last night was quite subdued… why?  It was raining and most people opted to stay indoors.

Some people may say that the rain last night sort of dampened the revelry that is usually part of the Filipino’s unique way of starting the year.  Some would even go as far as predict that this may be a bad omen.  Well… let’s forget about our idiotic mores (meaning: the essential or characteristic customs and conventions of a community) and simply look at things from the positive environmental and health vantage point.

The rainfall last night was actually a blessing.  Please consider the following: (a) the rain kept people from picking up firecracker duds which account for most firecracker-related accidents; and, (b) the rain helped clean the atmosphere from smoke and particulate matters caused by pyrotechnics.  A lot of weather experts say that the atmosphere is cleanest after the rain.

It’s a new year folks!  Rather than think of last night’s drenching event as a bad sign, let’s be positive about it.  Negative vibrations should never be part of the very first day of the year.  We may not have enjoyed the celebration all that much but we could always think of this as a new reality in our weather system… it’s just a New Year rain.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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