Saturday, June 27, 2015

Are You Sure You Know What You're Doing?

by Anton Antonio
June 28, 2015

I woke up to a big headache and running nose today… I guess it was caused by the changing weather system.  Wanting to stay in bed for a little bit more this morning, I just used my mobile phone to check on my Facebook notifications.  While scrolling the newsfeed, I noticed that a considerable number of my FB friends have changed their profile pictures to one that still have their former profile pictures but with a “rainbow flag” superimposed on them.  Converting old profile photos to this new one is made easy by simply clicking on a link.

The “rainbow flag” is being used by gay rights activists who are in the forefront of championing same-sex marriage.  I’m really wondering if netizens are doing this --- changing their profile pictures on Facebook --- as a manifestation of support for gay rights and same-sex marriage; or, they simply think this is just a fad (meaning: an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived and without basis in the object’s quality; a craze).

Here is a quickly researched material on same-sex marriage: 

“Same-sex marriage (also known as gay marriage) is marriage between two people of the same sex.  Legal recognition of same-sex marriage of the possibility to perform same-sex marriage is sometimes referred to as marriage equality, equal marriage or gender-neutral marriage by supporters.  The legalization of same-sex marriages is characterized as “redefining marriage” by opponents.  Same-sex marriages can be performed in a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting.

Same-sex unions have been recorded in the history of a number of cultures, but marriages or socially-accepted unions between same-sex partners were rare or nonexistent in other cultures. In the late 20th century, religious rites of marriage without legal recognition became increasingly common. The first law providing for marriage of people of the same sex in modern times was enacted in 2001 in the Netherlands. As of 26 June 2015, eighteen countries ( Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the United States and Uruguay) and certain sub-jurisdictions allow same-sex couples to marry. Similar laws in Finland, Ireland and Slovenia are not yet in force. Polls show rising support for legally recognizing same-sex marriage in the Americas, Australia and most of Europe.  However, with the exceptions of South Africa and Israel, no country in Africa or Asia recognizes same-sex marriage.  In addition, various faith communities around the world support allowing same-sex couples to marry or conduct same-sex marriage ceremonies.”  (Wikipedia)

We all agree that people do things for a reason… but I really do not know why some (Philippine-based) netizens have been changing their Facebook profile pictures supportive of the same-sex marriage movement.  I also do not know if this “rainbow flag”-Facebook profile picture thing is just a craze or fad.  I can only ask the question: Are you sure you know what you are doing?

Just my little thoughts…

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