Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Forest and Human Society

by Anton Antonio
March 28, 2015

Forests are very important to human societies.  It is noteworthy to state that many countries have already adopted measures to curb the depletion of their forest cover.  These reforestation programs are geared towards addressing what each country defines as the causes of forest loss and degradation.  Most, if not all, plans, projects and programs, revolve around efforts on reforestation and forest plantation establishment.  The Philippines has its own “National Greening Program”.

Having stated that the forest is important to human society, the problem actually is on the way society view the forest.  The more accepted view of forest is focus on the tangible products that the forest provides such as wood and timber.  There is less emphasis on the intangible provisions such as clean air.  Apparently, there is more focus and recognition to the “goods” rather than the “services” the forest provides to human society.

This widely held worldview that focuses too much on the “goods” rather than the “services” may prove contrary to the reforestation effort.  So long as human society fails to recognize the importance of “services” over “goods”, man will always view the forest as a mere source for products and not a provider of services.  This, unfortunately, will be detrimental to the forest and human society.

Just my little thoughts…

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