Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Cultural Assimilation

by Anton Antonio
March 17, 2015

Every society has its own distinct culture.  Constant exposure to other cultures will cause different cultures to influence each other or even fuse to form another culture or sub-culture.  This long-term exposure could lead to either acculturation or assimilation.  Cultural assimilation is more likely to happen when societies share common and mutual traits or identify themselves with the same collective goals and aspirations.

Cultural assimilation occurs when there is a fusion of two or more cultures that it will be hard to determine which culture became dominant.  The result is the development of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies.  Cultural assimilation is the process by which an individual’s or a group of individuals’ language and/or culture come to resemble that of another group.  Cultural assimilation is often referred to as immigration diaspora (meaning: the dispersion of any people from their original homeland) or native residents that come to be culturally dominated by another society.  Full cultural assimilation occurs when the new members of a society, belonging to another group, become indistinguishable from the members of the group.

Cultural assimilation finds relevant application in the fields of psychology, anthropology and sociology.  Environmental science, being multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary by nature, traverses these fields.  It is also said that environment and man are inseparable and interdependent elements in an ecosystem.  Socio-cultural concepts are therefore important to consider in environment and natural resources management studies; specifically, but not limited to, cultural assimilation.

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