Sunday, August 24, 2014

Human-Environment Interaction

by Antonio C. Antonio
August 23, 2014

QUESTION:  What is your view on human-environment interaction?

ANSWER:  Human-Environment Interaction (HEI) can be defined as interactions between human social systems with the rest of the ecosystem.  It also includes how the ecosystem reacts to human social systems.  The leading exponent of HEI is Dr. A. Terry Rambo who did extensive research and studies on this subject and came up with theories and models of HEIs --- Environmental Determinism and Environmental Possibilism.  Environmental Determinism is a theory that states that human culture, institutions and activities are largely influenced by the environment.  And that the environment dictates how humans design their means, measures and modes of survival… therefore, influencing how human societies behave.  On the other hand, Environmental Possibilism is a theory that states that (as opposed to Environmental Determinism) the environment only presents possible conditions that explains why humans behave in a particular way and why these different behavioural patterns progress and develop or are lost in time.  This is how I view human-environment interaction.

Just my little thoughts…


·         “Environmental Possibilism and Determinism”
·         “Environmental Determinism”

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