Thursday, November 19, 2015

We Are Not Crazy

By Anton Antonio
November 20, 2015

Used to be…
  • We were walking the streets to conduct surveys to establish the level of awareness of people on environmental issues and people thought we were wasting our time;
  • We were cracking our brains studying and understanding environmental concerns so we could craft and communicate ideal solutions on our environmental malaise but no one seemed interested;
  • We were given the “which-planet-do-these-guys-come-from” type of looks;
  • We were laughed at for talking in a language --- greenhouse effect, global warming, climate change, ecological succession, etc. --- that seemed alien and most did not understand;
  • We were called prophets of doom when we begin talking about the dire aftermath of global warming and climate change;
  • We were avoided because most hardly wanted to hear what we had to say;
  • We were brushed off as irrelevant; and,
  • We were sometimes labelled as borderline crazy.

But now that Pope Francis and President Barack H. Obama are also speaking the language only genuine environmentalists, pro-environment advocates and environmental activists dared to talk before, we found ourselves suddenly coherent, talking sense, relevant, and accepted by society in general.  It took the head of the most powerful religious group and the leader of the most powerful country in the world to confirm we are not crazy.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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