Friday, November 27, 2015

Killing the Future Generations

By Anton Antonio
November 28, 2015

Coal is arguably the cheapest form of energy.  Coal is, however, one of the main drivers of global warming as it has contributed one-third of the total carbon dioxide emissions in the last three decades.  The environmental and health damage that coal and other fossil fuel producers can no longer be denied and yet they refuse to cut down on production targets and shift to green and renewable forms of energy.  They just refuse to adjust their business models.

Aside from the environmental impacts fossil fuels causes, there are undeniable health issues that are also being experienced such as the following:

  • In the year 2013, 25,000 deaths were recorded, mostly coal mines workers, from pneumoconiosis or “black lung disease”;
  • Every year, in Europe, 18,200 premature deaths and 8,500 new cases of chronic bronchitis were recorded; and,
  •  An estimated number of 250,000 die prematurely in China as a result of coal combustion.

The economic cost for coal-related environment and health impacts is US$50 billion. This economic cost can only increase yearly if a cap on fossil fuel-based energy is not imposed and subsequent shift to renewable energy is not made.

The “business as usual” and “coal forever” mindsets of fossil fuel producers can only be attributed to a steady flow of profits in the hundreds of billions in dollars per year.  But how much profit could satisfy man when he knows he is killing the future generations.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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