Sunday, August 23, 2015

Solar Power Investments

by Anton Antonio
August 23, 2015

The Philippine government acknowledges the need to energize more rural areas.  However, the choice initiative in energy development is still dependent on fossil fuels.  While most of our ASEAN neighbours are converting from coal-fuelled electricity generation plants, we are still considering building more coal power plants.  This seems contrary to green initiatives in energy development… and this seems to be a retrogressive outlook.  Is there really other ways to solve our future energy requirement?  Yes, there are other more environment-friendly alternatives.

By the end of this year, Thailand will be completing a program that will give her the capacity in solar power to match that of the rest of Southeast Asia.  The Thai government is looking forward at this energy source to power the region’s second-biggest economy.  The move was relatively simple.  Thailand simply focused their budget and national expenditure to make way for appropriating more funds to solar energy.  As a parallel move, they also campaigned and welcomed solar power investments from other countries.

Renewable and sustainable energy are the choice for the future… hydro, wind, wave, geothermal, solar and other renewable and sustainable sources of energy yet to discovered and developed by man.  The Philippines fits into solar energy considering the geographic location and the natural and abundant amount of year-round sunlight.  At present, it seems logical for our country to also seriously consider the solar energy option and, therefore, encourage both domestic and international solar power investments.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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