Monday, May 18, 2015

Environmental Impact Assessment Guiding Principles

by Anton Antonio
April 16, 2015

The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) was the lead organization in developing and crafting the guiding principles for environmental impact assessment.  Listed below is a selection of some of the documented principles:
  1. PARTICIPATIVE – The process should provide appropriate opportunities to inform and involve all interested parties and stakeholders to incorporate their input in decision-making.
  2. TRANSPARENCY – Assessment process, outcomes and decisions should be open and accessible to any interest individuals or groups.
  3. CERTAINTY – The process and timing of the assessment should be agreed upon in advance and should be followed by all participants.
  4. ACCOUNTABILITY – The decision-makers, project proponents and stakeholders are responsible to all parties for their action and decisions under the assessment process.
  5. CREDIBILITY – Assessment is undertaken with professionalism and objectivity.
  6. COST-EFFECTIVENESS – The assessment process and its outcomes will ensure environmental protection at the least cost to the society and communities in the project area.
  7. PRACTICAL – The assessment process should result to practical outputs which can be implemented by the proponents and stakeholders.
  8. RELEVANT – The assessment process should focus on information that is relevant for development planning and decision-making.
  9. FORUSED – The process should concentrate on significant environmental effects and key issues that need t be taken into account in making decisions.
  10. INTERDISCIPLINARY – The assessment process should ensure that the appropriate techniques and subject matter experts in the relevant disciplines are employed, including the use of traditional knowledge as relevant.
  11. INTEGRATED – The assessment process should address the interrelationships of social, economic and biophysical aspects.

These are the “best practice” elements that are contained in the environmental impact assessment guiding principles.

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