Saturday, May 23, 2015

Community Resource Management Priorities

by Anton Antonio
April 26, 2015

The uplands have all the elements that spell life and survival.  Uplands have communities of people (the single-most important resource) and natural resources (the primary economic development element).  Thrown in a good management plan and a few competent implementing managers and we have the perfect formula for success.

In conceptualizing a strategy and crafting the community resource management framework, the following community-based forest management priorities should be adhered to:

·         Benefits from the upland/forest resources should only be for the stakeholders;
·         There should be little or no extraction of timber and wood resources;
·         If there is a necessity to extract timber or wood resources, this should be kept to the minimum;
·         Products to be considered should be of non-timber origin;
·         Timber and wood products extraction should be the last priority; and,
·         Timber and wood products extraction should be a palliative and non-permanent measure with minimal resources utilization in mind.

The formulation of a community resource management framework should be guided by the following principles:
  1. Participatory and  inclusive approaches;
  2. Broad consultation;
  3. Multiple use forest management;
  4. Resource sustainability;
  5. Integrated planning;
  6. Recognition of indigenous people’s rights and practices;
  7. Gender parity; and,
  8. Effective resource utilization.

Under these principles should a management strategy and plan be crafted… and bearing in mind the above-mentioned community resource management priorities.

Just my little thoughts…

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