Saturday, November 22, 2014

Walking in the Same Circle

by Antonio C. Antonio
November 12, 2014

There is this little item on Facebook that normally goes unnoticed except when a would-be friend makes a “friend request”.  This item is “mutual friends”.  We normally check on this item only to verify how many other friends are common friends with the one making a “friend request”.  I believe there is more meaning and purpose to this item; Facebook will not put it there if it is unnecessary.

In most cases, mutual friends can be identified with a large number of Facebook friends.  But rarely would one find a Facebook friend who has more than 100 mutual friends.  I only have over a thousand Facebook friends but only around twenty of them are mutual friends with the same number of Facebook users.  They are: Tet Viray Taguines (181 mutual friends); Marcelino Antonio (180 mutual friends); Wani Alindogan Antonio (155 mutual friends); Ping Antonio-Perez (142 mutual friends); Vnas Murphy (135 mutual friends); Gali Datu (124 mutual friends); Vicky Leocadio Taguines (120 mutual friends); Ligaya Antonio-Gamboa (118 mutual friends); Letty Antonio-Magaoay (117 mutual friends); Francisco Antonio (114 mutual friends); Jojie Taguines (114 mutual friends); Leonor Taguines (114 mutual friends); Orlando Antonio   (112 mutual friends); Thess Antonio Magaoay Collado (112 mutual friends); Susan Cunanan (111 mutual friends); Regatta Antonio (107 mutual friends); Karen Sandoval Cappal (105 mutual friends); Joan Ong Dizon (104 mutual friends); Bong Vega (104 mutual friends); and, Tony Tanjuakio (100 mutual friends).  Of these personalities, three of them are my daughters, two of them are my uncles, nine of them are my cousins, two of them are my nieces, and four of them are my friends.

What is the significance of this information?  Well… it just goes to show that: (1) a Facebook user has a well structured and captured circle of friends; (2) He/She has well networked and closely knit relatives; (3) He/She has managed to maintain a healthy relationship with his/her childhood friends; (4) He/She belongs to a traditionally small community where everybody knows everybody; and, (5) With the same friends and acquaintances, he/she is still walking in the same circle.

Just my little thoughts…

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