Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Mighty Selfie Stick

by Antonio C. Antonio
November 19, 2014

Yesterday I posted and blogged about “Selfitis” (http://antonantonio.blogspot.com/2014/11/selfitis.html).  I’m posting this little article to follow up on this subject matter; also known as “narcissism”, “Machiavellianism” and “psychopathy”.

Let’s talk about the necessary elements that encourage “selfitism”: (1) A subject… the selfitissist; (2) A digital camera or camera phone; (3) A Social Media account such as Facebook; (4) An arm; or, (5) A selfie stick.  “Selfie Stick?”… what on earth is this?  Here is a researched material on the very popular and mighty selfie stick: (http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/business/11/18/14/where-did-global-obsession-selfie-sticks-start-not-manila)

“Manila, Philippines – Remember when Time magazine named Manila as the “selfie capital” of the world?  Filipinos are still obsessed with getting the perfect selfie, as seen with the rise in Google searches bout “selfie sticks” or “monopods”.  For those who have been living under a rock, a selfie stick is an “expandable handheld self-portrait-taker that is usually attached to smartphones”.  Google Trends said the online queries for “selfie stick”, “monopod”, and other related terms started surging in 2014, mostly in Southeast Asian countries.  But surprisingly, the global obsession with selfie sticks did not start in Manila, but in a neighboring Asian country --- Jakarta in Indonesia.  Google Trends noted the popularity of selfie sticks started in late 2013 in Jakarta.  This spread to Malaysia between January to March 2014.  But between March to June 2014, the Philippines overtook Malaysia in the number of online searches on selfie sticks.”

The selfie stick being born in and first becoming popular in Malaysia is not surprising.  It actually was not that essential in the Philippines because every household has a “dust pan” that was and still is as effective as the mighty selfie stick.

Just my little thoughts…

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  1. Nothing about a selfie stick really matters if it won’t hold your camera, but fortunately, most available models offer the versatility to mount any compact camera with a ¼"-20 tripod thread, and there are many models with mounts for smartphones and GoPro cameras. Long zoom point-and-shoots, larger mirrorless, and DSLR cameras are generally not a match for Selfie Stick, as they are simply too heavy.