Thursday, December 17, 2015

Perfect Combination

By Anton Antonio
December 18, 2015

Zamboanga City was chosen as the site of the largest solar power plant in Southeast Asia.  The solar power plant being planned will be set up at the Zamboanga Economic Zone in Barangay Talisayan.  Barring any major problem, the plant is expected to be operational by March 2016.  The proponent of the project is Ecoglobal, Inc. which is a partnership between Filipino and French investors.  The solar farm is projected to provide a maximum level of 100 megawatts of electric energy.

The more encouraging prospect is the wind-powered energy that is also being planned to augment the solar farm.  The solar and wind power that is expected to be harnessed from this twin initiative will max-out to around 300 megawatts when both power components are fully operational.  Let’s just hope that the wind mapping, presently being conducted in the area, proves to be sufficient.

This renewable energy combination initiative is said to be the biggest and most ambitious so far in the Southeast Asian region.  Aside from this, the project could also be the most ideal combination of renewable energy… solar and wind.  It’s truly a perfect combination.

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