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By Anton Antonio
December 13, 2015

Most people, unfortunately, are not aware that there was a very important event that happened in Paris, France.  Perhaps, people are more interested to find out more details on the terrorist attacks that happened in Paris earlier.  Although the fight against terrorism should be everyone’s concern, the Paris Climate Talks should be of equal importance. 

The following are the important information about the Conference of Parties or COP21 or the United Nations’ Paris Climate Talks:
  • The COP21 has been described as humanity’s last chance for tackling climate change;
  • The COP21 is the most critical of all previous Conference of Parties meetings;
  • Over 100 world leaders together with around 40,000 delegates will be attending this meeting in Paris, France starting November 30 to the first week of December 2015; and,
  • The aim of the COP21 is to reach a globally binding agreement on emissions.

The objective of the COP21 is to get everyone to agree to bring down average global temperature to 1.5 degrees centigrade… which is the average temperature before the dawn of the industrial revolution sometime in the 1850s.  This will spell success or failure for the COP21.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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