Friday, September 4, 2015

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By Anton Antonio
September 5, 2015

“Is anybody even thinking of this breach as a real risk?... we may have here the equivalent of an internal tsunami on our hands.  I am worried by reports that this breached dike remains unrepaired.  There is time to grieve over disasters, but no time to prevent them!” (Prof. Segundo E. Romero, 2015)

On September 2, 2015, I published an article titled “The Tarlac City Dike” on my blogsite and Facebook wall.  The article carried an analysis of the “pressure points” of the dike relative to the breached portion.  Prof. Romero and most of the residents of Tarlac City are very worried that the dike will not hold if the river level increases again.  The result of such occurrence is something none of us would like to think about.

What makes the problem so worrisome is the apparent fact that no one, among the persons in authority, is communicating to the Tarlaqueño what is actually being done… if at all something is really being done.  Our appeal to Honorable Governor Vic Yap, Honorable Representative Susan Yap and Honorable Mayor Ace Manalang is very simple: “Kayo po ang may lubos na pangunawa, kakayahan at kapangyarihan upang gumawa at bumalangkas ng solusyon sa ating problema sa Tarlac City dike.  Kami po ay umaasang hindi po ninyo kami tatalikuran sa pagkakataong ito.  Nasa inyong mga kamay ang aming kaligtasan at pag-asa.”

Social media is a very powerful platform.  This is now the new normal.  Societal changes have been made possible simply because netizens are very vigilant and have no fear nor reservations in speaking the truth.  What we could do is make this Tarlac City dike problem “viral” on social media until someone actually does something to prevent this clear and present danger to the people of Tarlac City.  Please share this post.

Thoughts to promote positive action…

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