Thursday, February 19, 2015

Social Theory: Value in Environmental Management

by Antonio C. Antonio
February 3, 2015

Before proceeding, please allow me to invite you to check on this link on “Social Theory”.

Social Theory is an indispensible environmental management tool.  Social Theory facilitates a better understanding of what should be done to the environment for it to be a viable life support system for man as it dwells in a wide array of concerns… from the science of ecology to the study of both ecology and human behaviour.  It should be noted that human activities and action has a profound influence in the current and future state of the environment.  Secondary influence to shaping the environment is how plants, animals and other life forms behave in different ecosystems.  On the part of man, it is very important to understand his different behavioural patterns in his pursuit for economic, political and cultural aspirations which affect, influence and shape the environment.

The relationship between man and his environment is really complex.  It is for this reason that a higher degree of understanding on the value of social theory in environmental management.

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