Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Incredible Hulk

by Antonio C. Antonio
March 14, 2014

A lot of us find it hard finishing tasks at work and often find ourselves bringing home the unfinished papers.  This is what normally happens when the atmosphere in the workplace is not too ideal for productive thinking, when there are too many distractions from officemates and when we are pressured by a slave-driver boss who always wants to see things done “last week”.  At the home front, however, it is also quite difficult to motivate ourselves to work because we are too physically tired and the bed is too comfortable and inviting.

When we feel we are burdened with too many tasks to finish with the limited number of hours in a day, here are three simple steps to take the pressure off our system:  (1) Take a few deep breaths; (2) Shout until we turn green; (3) Then stop when everyone in the house have begun thinking we’ve gone crazy and we can no longer hear our own screaming because all the dogs in our neighborhood are barking louder.

We then could sit down, turn our computer on, plug-in our jump drive, click on our unfinished files and start working again.  After the task is done, we will realize that working is a lot more fun than making fools of ourselves.

Just my little thoughts…

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