Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Environmental Values

by Antonio C. Antonio
September 16, 2014

Environmental values are the building blocks of environmental ethics.  Environmental values is defines as “worth that a community or society places on environmental goods and services such as aesthetic and recreational facilities and resources”.  In this case, values are also given not only to tangible natural resources but also to the intangible benefits we derive from Mother Earth.  Our attitude towards these values may change over time as we are exposed to new ideas, concepts, skills and competencies, and mindsets and worldviews.

A lot of goods and services from Mother Earth come for free and everyone has access to these.  It is everybody’s duty and responsibility to make sure these free goods and services plus the benefits derived from tangible natural resources are made available to largest number of people now and tomorrow as well.

Environmental values are the things that influence our own ethical standards about the environment, such as:

1.     Ecological values. – The ability to preserve our complex ecosystems and life, and the conservation and protection of our environment and natural resources.
2.     Concern for public interest. – The ability to provide the best benefits at the maximum level for the greatest number of people.
3.     Quality of life. – The ability to live a healthy and safe life in a natural environment where a well-developed culture exists.
4.     Concern for future generations. – The ability for us and future generations to exist on this earth without compromising quality of life.
5.     Concern for the poorest of the poor. – The ability to provide better living conditions and quality of life for the very poor in our society.

Just my little thoughts…

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